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Om oss : MØRCK

MØRCK is created by a mother-daughter duo;
Marianne Mørck and Monika Mørck Hauge.

The collections are developed by examining and combining two different disciplines; esthetics and apparel.

Marianne comes from a background as a orthopedic technician. The profession requires skilled craftsmanship with a garment that sits tightly on an individual.

Monika is an artist that has been committed to issues related to the body and textiles.

Ethics and production

MØRCK's collections are based on ethical principals that gives a framework for material use,
method of production, and the textiles quality and life span.
We focus on sustainability and environmental concerns in our production.


An important part of MØRCK's collections is the usage of reindeer leather, salmon leather and goatskin together with a signature design that focuses on elegance, perfect fit and quality craftsmanship.

We work closely with Krivivev in Norway. For more information on our textiles click here.